Music & Songwriting*

Music & Songwriting*

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Age Requirement: 9 - 11 Years
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For Kids from 9-11 years
with Mirjam Leitner
Community Artist / Music and Dance
Teacher / Drama Teacher

Have you always wanted to try your hand at music?
Join others in exploring the world of music and trying
out new instruments? Or maybe even write your own

Then our Music & Songwriting Workshop is perfect for
you! You will be introduced to the musical principles
and get to know different instruments. In a group,
together with your best friend or alone, we will work
on the lyrics, find a suitable melody and think about
an accompaniment.
At the final concert on Friday we will play the various
songs for parents, siblings and friends.

Mirjam Leitner's childhood was one of music, dance
and many instruments. After training as a music and
dance teacher, drama teacher, yoga teacher, and
kindergarten teacher, she initiated a variety of
community arts projects in Salzburg and now teaches
at the University Mozarteum Salzburg at the
Orff Institute. In 2019, she was awar
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